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Door onderhoudswerkzaamheden is de Nederlandse pagina van ATDOR even niet beschikbaar.

ATDOR 2.5 released for 2011

We are happy to announce the immediate release of ATDOR 2.5 for the 2011 season. ATDOR is the most easy to use meeting manager program that is freely available.

You can download this release via this link www.atdor.com/en/download of the ATDOR website or directly via this link.

Release notes for 2.5 (English)

  • Improved home screen with quick buttons, better combined event display and new icons.
  • Added filter field for quickly find records (like athletes) in search table.
  • Start with preferences screen upon new installation
  • Fix bug in athletes screen when no events have been entered.
  • Unicode translation of (Dutch) athletes fixes errors when saving meeting.
  • Changed Dutch category names to standard atletiekunie ones (H-Sen -> M, etc.)
  • Updates list of Dutch clubs for 2011.
  • Added extra PPL file for FinishLynx electronic time systems.
  • Fixed progress bar for internet output.
  • Significant bugs solved for Combined events.
  • Added functions to Sorting/Distribute athletes over heats and within heats.
  • Middle name is moved so it is more consistent on the start list and results.