If you use ATDOR for your meeting we suggest a donation of $10 per meeting, so we can continue to improve ATDOR.

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Door onderhoudswerkzaamheden is de Nederlandse pagina van ATDOR even niet beschikbaar.

Bug fix release ATDOR 2.2.1

We are happy to release version 2.2.1 of ATDOR. This version is based upon new features found in 2.2.0, but with fixes for the most urging issues:

  • Changed internet output for single window output, not opening new window or tabs.
  • Added meeting name to output internet.
  • Added progress bar for internet output.
  • Calculate All button added.
  • Improved resize behaviour of some windows.
  • Improved support for athletes from different category competiting in CombinedEvent
  • Fixed issues that IntermediateResult could not always be used.
  • Removed comma's from fields in electronic time synchronization file.
  • For Dutch athetes now adding middle name at the end of first name making names better readable.
  • Copying finish photo to HTML output (not yet linked).
  • Adding first and last name to export participators.
  • Removed unused fields from Meeting settings.

 Special thanks to Sebastiaan Durand for using ATDOR, and giving  excellent feedback during a junior indoor meeting in Utrecht, the Netherlands.