If you use ATDOR for your meeting we suggest a donation of $10 per meeting, so we can continue to improve ATDOR.

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ATDOR is a program to store and process results for track and field competitions. ATDOR wil use latest available technology to improve the organisation of meetings and delivering better services for participants and spectators.

The objective of the ATDOR project is to deliver software which source code will be available for anyone and can be changed by anyone. The only restriction is that the (modified) program including source code will be made available under the same (open source) license.

The development of ATDOR started in 1998 in the Netherlands, because there was not a good track&field meeting organisation program. Only a program called athleth was available, but unfortunately only minor changed were made to that program, and requests from clubs for new functionality were not accepted. The closed source nature of this program also made changes by others than the original developers not possible.

Since that time, there were some hopeful changes by the Dutch national Track & Field federation KNAU. More priority was given to other new initiatives such as PAU and later WAP. With this last product they finally have more success than with their previous attempts, but the closed source nature of the product makes it unattractive for widespread usage.

In the mean time, functionality of ATDOR increased and quite a number of clubs used it either incidently or regularly.

As more requests were received for English translation,  a turn-around was decided in 2005: To make ATDOR accessible for an international audience, a new international version was developed for both English and Dutch languages, and keeping the option open to support other languages. As this had significant consequences, it was decided to temporarily postpone minor updates and start focussing on the translation version, a new website, and implement tournament functionality that was asked for already for some time.